Limit to number of internal blocks links?

What I’m trying to do

I’m writing a literature review in Obsidian and after long reading on how to make citation links to a bibliography at the end of my note (it’s astonishing that a wonderful tool like Obsidian doesn’t have a basic, easy to use referencing tool), I opted for using links to internal blocks. Essentially, I have my numbered list of references at the end of the paper and, within the note, I call each reference by using the [[#^abc]] syntax. Obsidian creates a block identifier at the end of each reference which is linked to my citation. The citation links are clickable only inside of Obsidian, but at least the pdf looks decent, although not clickable.

My problem is that when I type [[#^ ]] to cite, Obsidian suggests only so many blocks, but not the last references I added, which defies the whole purpose of using block links, since now I don’t get the suggestions anymore and neither I get an automatically assigned block identifier.

It’s getting increasingly frustrating since I already spent quite some time to figure out this method for referencing, and now that I’m half-way through, it’s not working anymore.

Things I have tried

After deleting some dummy paragraphs, some extra suggestions popped up in the menu’ that appears when I type [[#^ ]]. After some further trying, it feels as if I reached a max number of blocks in the note, beyond which Obsidian can’t handle more block identifiers and thus doesn’t show any more suggestions in the pop-up menu’.

Yet, if I paste back those dummy paragraphs, the block identifier I just created remains. Also, these new block identifiers remain available in the pop-up menu of suggestions when I want to cite them.

Furthermore, if I typed a new block identifier manually, this block can now be linked (or cited) in my note. So Obsidian can handle more block identifiers, it just stops suggesting them automatically, which is unfortunately the biggest advantage of this method.

Does anybody have this issue and/or know how to solve it?

Alternatively, does anybody have a better method to make a bibliography at the end of the document, that can be cited easily within the paragraphs?

it’s a search assistant not an exhaustive list. The more you type the more it refines search.

There are plugins which integrate Obsidian with the reference manager Zotero. I don’t know much about it, but it’s what many people in the #academia channel on the Obsidian Discord use.

You might also consider footnotes or reference-style links (tho I vaguely recall that Obsidian may not always handle reference style links well).

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