Like vscode, support multiple tags or remember insertion position of editor

How to remember the text insertion position of the editor when switching different files?

Just like the mechanism of browser tab.Visual Studio Code also enables this feature by default.

CTRL + O can’t remember the insertion position or reading position of the editor , and cannot switch to an open page.

Split screen function is limited,there is usually no way to open multiple pages, because it will take up the screen space.

I know that some tabs can be stored in the sidebar, but switching seems to be a problem. It seems that you can only open the sidebar, find the corresponding page, and then drag it. This method is inefficient.

Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right is a good choice for two documents, remembering where to edit, which can cover a lot of situations, but for heavy horizontal editing, which still requires several Windows open, this mechanism is not so good, because it can’t search through the history.

Although in some cases remember where the text is inserted doesn’t help, at least it doesn’t make things worse, so it may be a Pareto improvement.

Visual studio code has such a function, which should be the result of weighing rather than doing it at will.

Two plug-ins(Workbench and sliding-panes) are known to help with this problem, but the problem is far from solved.

The urgent need for this function has also been mentioned on the forum.

If you want this feature, can leave a message below to express your support ! :fist:

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