Life-time Early Bird Discount - Does it stay after cancelling & returning?

Hey all

I’ve searched the forum already for this topic, and this questions was asked before but was never clearly answered (see here).

I’ve subscribed to Obsidian Sync for an early bird price about a year ago. Because of personal reasons I am not using Obsidian anymore right now, not because I don’t like the tool, I think it’s amazing, I just don’t have any use for it in the moment.

So what I am wondering: Can I cancel my (monthly) early bird subscription for Sync right now and resubscribe at a later point in time for the same early bird price or won’t I be eligible for the early bird pricing anymore? I remember it saying that you I have the right for the early bird subscription for a life-time, even if cancelling in the meantime, but I can’t find this information anywhere right now (was actually one of the reasons I subscribed back then). So just want to make sure here.

And yes I am aware that you can do the syncing stuff with another cloud service, e.g. OneDrive, but Obsidian Sync is just hella more practical IMHO. Please no answers in this direction :wink:

Thanks for helpful answers :+1:

Yes, you will still have access to the early bird discount.
See the FAQ here:

Thanks a lot! Somehow could not find this FAQ hidden in the depths of this forum :blush: