License question for a university employee

Hi, I use Obsidian privately, and I enjoy it a lot. I’d like to use it for my work-life as well, and I was considering whether I should (make IT) buy a commercial license. I work for a Dutch university in the support staff (so not a teacher, researcher, or student). The university is publicly funded, but according to the Dutch use of the word ‘non-profit’, it is considered part of the government and not a non-profit organization. Does Obsidian hold the same view?

I should add that I’d like to buy a license anyway, to support Obsidian. But I’d also like to get started quickly, and going the IT-way may take some time :wink:

Keep up the good work!


ahum, so I wonder whether I should buy a commercial license, or whether I can use a personal (free) license…

TL; DR: you should buy a commercial license

yes, same view.

Read this page in its entirety.

thanks for the reply. I had indeed read that page before posting a question here :slight_smile: