Library file dragging, text editing button, window labeling


  1. Drag files between libraries

After opening multiple bsidians, the files cannot be moved between each other, which is very inconvenient. Every time a file needs to be dragged into the other side, the directory is found again in the system.

It also gives a shortcut button to right-click to open the local file location.

文本编辑区目前需要输入 Markdown语法才能使用,劝退一大波新手,常用软件的朋友也不是太方便,建议给出像论坛输入框顶部的快捷操作按钮。

  1. Text Edit area quick edit button text edit area now requires Markdown syntax to use, discouraging a large number of novices, friends of common software is not too convenient, suggest a shortcut button like the one at the top of the forum input box.


  1. Multi window top tabbed obsidian currently has the possibility of filling up every additional file page that is opened, CCS horizontal scrolling open multiple files is also very inconvenient, it is recommended to set tabs at the top like browser sense, so even the smallest screen can get the most out of it.
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Please, try to have one feature request per topic.
Also, please, write primarily in English, and if want, add a chinese traslation at the bottom.

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I think he translated from Chinese, so that the Eng version might not be exact.
I believe there are Chinese users in the DEV team.

It’s to make sure others can understand and participate as well. Forum posts are not direct messages to the developers, after all.

Yes. Totally agreed.