Let text selection only go in one direction on mobile

Use case or problem

On Obsidian mobile when selecting a range of text, I often overshoot how far I wanted to select. So, without yet lifting finger, I then drag in the opposite direction to start scrolling view and selection towards the original intended location. However, this process often has the same issue and I overshoot. I not only overshoot the intended end of my selection range but also move past where the selection began and the selection goes in the opposite direction from where it began. This is very frustrating.

Proposed solution

It would be nice if the selections could only go in one direction. This would mean that once you begin defining a selection from a starting location towards an ending location in one direction, you would be unable to adjust the selection so as to overshoot where it began and head in the opposite direction.

Current workaround

To avoid this issue sometimes I will begin a selection, lift my finger, scroll the view in the desired direction, then adjust the bounds of the selection without passing the edge of the screen. I will repeat this process until I get to the intended location. This is much slower, but if I am having issues with going too far and losing my place in a long document, at least I can avoid losing too much time.


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How I sometimes do it is keep the side of my thumb on the screen and do gentle wiping motions up and down or even sideways to get the range right.
Your way is better at managing larger areas.

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