Let links to current note's title show in links pane

Obsidian supports links to headings and paragraphs, which is a really nice feature, but it seems that I can’t see the links to current note’s heading in links pane?
As an example: when I was doing research on a topic, the content of my notes looked like this:

# Topics
## Collect questions to be investigated
## Gather relevant information
* Message 1 XXXXXX
* Message 2 XXXXXX
* Message 3 XXXXXX [[# Collect questions to be investigated]]

I can’t see “Message 3 XXXXXX” in the Links Pane. For now my solution is to copy and paste, or create a separate note named “Collect questions to be investigated” and link to it it’s just a little tricky when the article is long, I’d be very happy if Obsidian supports this feature in the future! For me, Obsidian works very well so far too, thank you for creating such a great app!