Let 'Files: Show File Explorer' select previously highlighted item

Use case or problem

When you press the hotkey for ‘Files: Show File Explorer’, it selects the top item within the vault root. So, when you open a note (with Enter or Spacebar), then press hotkey for ‘Files: Show File Explorer’, you have to again navigate to the correct directory.

Proposed solution

If there were an option to always select the previously highlighted item in the File Explorer, this type of workflow would be much easier. This could also be the default behavior, and have a hotkey to navigate to the top of the vault tree.

Current workaround

If you are working in a split view, you can keep a note in the correct directory opened and pinned in the adjacent tab group, then use the ‘Files: Reveal current file in navigation’ to focus the Explorer to the correct directory.

Related feature requests

I can’t find it, but I believe there is a request for automatically opening notes in current tab as you arrow through items in the Explorer.


Try using the command “Files: Reveal current file in navigation” instead. It does exactly what you are asking for.

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Ha. Wow. Duh! That’s embarrassing.

That is what I usually use, but for some reason the combination of using the new Spacebar to open selected item and recently reading a post about how the Show/Hide side tab hotkey toggles don’t actually give focus, I totally misremembered my past workflow of simply relying on ‘Files: Reveal current file in navigation’ instead of stupidly thinking I had to use the ‘Files: Show File Explorer’ command. I feel even worse because I referenced the correct command in my workaround.

This was one of the cases where I felt like I was going crazy before creating the request, and I was right. Thanks!

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