Legacy and current - will sync work ok?

So on two old computers I’m on 1.5.3. That’s the max version that my old computers can handle. I’ve got sync setup with mobile app and the most recent release of Obsidian app. Syncing works ok for the time being. Between versions.

Question: Can I keep the old 1.5.3 versions and keep syncing or will I probably run into problems with this setup? I don’t mind not having features on the old computers. Just writing text and syncing it will be good enough.

Oh yeah! Obsidian is amazing and I love it to bits. Paying customer.

If you go to Obsidian’s website and browsed the changelog for Sync-related items you can see what has changed that might affect your experience. The changes I remember (I don’t know if they happened before or after your version) relate mainly to new features rather than changes to old ones (other than stuff like improving the history view), so if you’re not (for example) using one of the new storage plans I’d guess you’re OK for now.