Left file explorer panel - how to disable names wrapping?

How to disable wrapping of file names in the left file explorer panel? That is, each file name should be on the single line, the same as in, for instance, Sublime Text.

Try out Minimal theme. It trims file names. Also has a Solarized Light color scheme if you download Minimal Theme Settings plugin.

Could try:

.nav-folder-title {
  white-space: nowrap;
  width: max-content;
  min-width: 100%;


“try” how? What to do with it?

CSS snippets:


I’m already using a custom third-party theme. Will your solution require to overwritte the very styles of that theme? Or is there a way to add a style such that it won’t mess up with my current theme? Meaning, I want to overwritte the rules that have to do with word wrap, but I don’t want to touch the css files of the theme.

That has worked, thx.

How can the horizontal scrolling be enabled? I’ve tried to add

  overflow-x: scroll;

but nothing has changed.

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