Leave blank lines in yaml untouched

would you please implement the option to not remove existing empty lines from yaml when editing properties other than in source mode?
i use empty lines to visibly structure data. thx so much;

ah, ok, too bad. with yaml i get along, with js not;)
thanks anyway for your detailed answer, cheers

btw, will you support nested keys in near future, or is that also not practicable for the same reason?

Maybe this? Give it a :purple_heart: to upvote the feature request.

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already did;) couldn’t find a hint on what the future brings, if it’s worth waiting or rather decide for or against the use of properties. i was just wondering if what @WhiteNoise has explained here could also have something to do with the current incompatibility of nested keys …


Not sure if this is a solution for your needs, however I do multilevel style tags using the ‘/’ notation.

So in your example:

  - child1
  - child1/grandchild1
  - child1/grandchild2
  - child2
  - child2/grandchild3
  - child2/grandchild4

It may not display the nicely laid out structure you are after, however it does delineate the relationships between the keys and can be used in DataView.

I think you may have intended to reply to the original poster, winne. :slightly_smiling_face:

@airehen Possibly :slight_smile: I can neither confirm or deny that statement.

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