LaTeX math not working at all for me

Just trying this out after reading about it on HN. Very excited about the potential here; seems somewhat like Trillium but more polished.

I imported some markdown notes of mine but none of the math is rendering. I tried with single $ and $$, but in the rendered output the dollar signs are just treated as part of the output. Looking at other bug reports it seems it is working for some people.

On a separate note, would be nice to have an option for $ vs $$ as my existing notes are all using single $.

Steps to reproduce

Just put something like $$x$$ in a sentence.

Expected result

Italicized x

Actual result



  • Operating system: MacOS 10.15.4
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.4
  • Using custom CSS: No

Additional information

Raw markdown:

Linear regression is the practice of fitting a line to data. This data consists of a set of measurements of an independent variable $$x$$ and a dependent variable $$y$$, and we want to understand how $$x$$ produces $$y$$, so that we can make predictions about the values of $$y$$ for $$x$$'s that are not in our data set. For instance, in the following graph we don’t have a data point for $$x = 6$$, but the line allows us to make a guess, or a prediction, about what the corresponding $$y$$ value should be.

Rendered view:

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Latex works (for me) but only in display mode. That is, if your equation is on its own line, it should render, but it won’t work inline in the middle of text. It is currently on the roadmap, so we’ll hopefully see it soon.

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Thanks! Hopefully that will come soon; I have a lot of inline math.