Latex fomula can't be collapsed in tab indention

if your latex is in a align enviorment ,then latex can’t be collapsed properly,I don’t know what is wrong with it.
by the way,if your latex fomula is not writted in align enviroment,it can be collapsed well

the below is a GIF image that I will use to display bug

Please provide a textual representation of your markup, as it’s rather hard to understand what you’ve typed based on an image like that.

In addition you’re using $$ ... $$ inline, but that is a block definition for math. For inline MathJax you should be using $ ... $.

Finally, are you aiming to align equations in different blocks? It seems like you’re using multiple math blocks connected to different list items. And I don’t think you can expect it to align the blocks from the different list items.

Alignment is meant to be used within the same MathJax block.

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