Latex '$' causes problems with notes and file names

I am a research analyst in the financial services industry and I use Obsidian to track my notes about businesses. The treatment of the ‘$’ with respect to Latex can be problematic. When referencing a stock ticker in writing it is often conventional to preface them with a ‘$’, which is what I do for my page for each company. The ‘$’ in the link automatically renders as latex and makes the document impossible to read or link properly.

Steps to reproduce

Create a page with the following line of text:
[[$COST]] 2021 results - revenue $1MM, operating profit $250k, better than [[$KR]]

Expected result

$COST 2021 results - revenue $1MM, operating profit $250k, better than $KR

Actual result

Live Preview:



Mac, iPad, iPhone
Insider builds for both


Note that using dollar sign in filenames has also other associated issues: Two errors that occur when there is a $ sign in the file name

Related feature request: Customizable interpretation of markdown syntax nuances, like CSS

Potential current workarounds:

  • Use filename from broadly accepted characters [a-zA-Z0-9] and utilize aliases to capture complex title independent of filename.
  • use markdown-style links [$title](filename) instead of wiki links [[filename|$title]] to see expressive title before cryptic filename.
  • Escape dollar sign by backslash if needed. [\$title](filename), [[filename|\$title]]


Hi! Any chance this is going to be wrapped into a release at any point soon? Any questions I can answer to help reproduce/diagnose?

Thanks for all of your work.

There will be some improvements on this in 0.13.28. However, this is a tricky issue. I suggest you start escaping the $ sign.

[[$COST]] 2021 results - revenue \$1MM, operating profit \$250k, better than [[$KR]]

Thanks for the updates. Just tested them out and they are definitely an improvement over the previous state.