Latest update broke my query

Hi all, I’m afraid my task management system got broken due to a recent DV update.

I’m querying tasks formatted in this way: - [ ] test task [due:: 2022-10-17],
with following query:

FROM "workfolder"
WHERE (due = date(today)) AND !completed AND (due !=null)

Since a recent update, the above query shows all tasks, also ones which don’t have a date added to them. (E.g., [due:: 2022-10-20])
The weird thing is that the same query for overview tasks still works fine: WHERE (due < date(today))

Does anybody have an idea how I can fix this? I have practicall zero programming knowledge, just hacked the above together by trial and error and random forum posts :upside_down_face:

1 - For now I don’t noticed any issue with the last update, but in fact it’s related with dates;
2 - in your query you don’t need due !=null. You can reduce your commando to WHERE due = date(today) AND !completed
3 - do you have any due field in your files outside the tasks? for example, a due field at page level (in frontmatter or as inline field in the content)…

This is strange, I just arrived in the office and now it works just fine on both my office Windows PC and Macbook where I had the issue this morning. I can’t see anything that would have changed on my Macbook, no other plugin updates, no changes in the vault…

So it seems like it was a temporary glitch.

Thank you for your answer. To get back on your 3 points:
2. thank you for the suggestion, I’ll take it out. I initially used the (due !=null) for the WHERE (due < date(today)) query.
3. I do have some [due:: 2022-10-20] (with different dates) fields in bullet points, but that hasn’t interfered in the past.

I asked because tasks query have a particularity: it works simultaneously in task level and page level. When we write WHERE due = date(today), I’m not sure about the accuracy in the results, because if you use due:: outside tasks then we create a logical issue: it’s due related with the tasks or with the page? or both? In the case I think it works in both. That’s why the best advice is: use different keys for different levels of metadata.

If you run this query

FROM "your-folder-path"

maybe you will see tasks without due date, because there’re other things in the note content with the field due.