Last time i'll ask, is there absolutely no way to show dotfiles in file explorer?

Things I have tried

looking at 100’s of configs, searched endlessly, searched the forum here, dod more specific searches. one thing i cant find is a master css list for the program to maybe find it in there

We strongly recommend searching in the help docs (F1 in the app or online at or this forum (Search results for '' - Obsidian Forum) before you post. It’s always sweet to find answers so you don’t have to spend time writing up the post!

If you still can’t find it, please write what you have tried below (e.g. “I searched Mermaid in help docs but couldn’t find anything”) so that we have a better idea how to improve our help docs and this forum.

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What I’m trying to do

<!-- THIS PART WON'T BE POSTED i'm missing just one thing in the program..... i need to see all the files in my directories and i need to see their extensions clearly, preferably just right on the filename. i'm about 4 month's in giving Obsidian a once over before i haul my 2500+notes out of Evernote. and so far i am looking forward to leaving evernote after 15 years but my hold up is the file tree being filtered with no hidden directories or hidden files. my main purpose is compiling and documenting .configs/.profiles/etc which most typically reside in hidden folders and being hidden themeselves. i know this is my third post about the qustion, first one got ignored and the other didn't he

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