Large videos cause typing lag

Steps to reproduce

(Hope this works):

  • with obsidian sync enabled
  • 3 1GB mp4 videos into a note
  • typing is now slow in all panes - with significant lag up to ~.5-1s from time to time

Expected result

  • No effect on typing speed.
  • no “infinite indexing”.
  • (potentially a user message that these files will be excluded).

Actual result

  • Lag while typing.
  • Sync seems to repeatedly try and send files to sync server.
  • When it’s not uploading files it is “indexing” with red sync symbol.
  • console has repeated error messages (could be more specific):

Sync Error!
app.js:1 Error: Size over limit.
at e. (app.js:1)
at app.js:1
at (app.js:1)
at s (app.js:1)


  • Operating system: OSX 11.2.3
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.9

are you playing these videos?

Also, after removing these files using the finder, it appears all files (or a lot more than I edited) get re-uploaded. That may be overkill. I’ve not fully tested that.

sidenote: obsidian sync is limited to 4 gb. how much stuff to you have in there?

I can, but I did not - working on other notes.

This was more of a mistake - and I figure it’s a bug that should be fixed. I removed the files and it works well again.
Big files should not cause slow typing in unrelated files.

Without those files maybe 200MB.
.obsidian is 50MB of those.
I could shrink it but I’d rather not.
2521 .md
17 .pdf
88 .svg
286 .png