Large vault on desktop: Loading workspace takes a long time


  • the directory is: c:\pri\Obsidian\DeepThought\
  • I use a dell latitude 5400 with ssd

If you disable/close freefilesync from monitoring your vault, does it start quickly?

=> No

Here is the recorded profile: (186 Bytes)

You shared an empty file. Try again to do the recording.

Have you tried insider 1.6?

yes, I have the insider 1.6 installed.

I waited 100sec until, then I clicked on “save profile”, see screenshot. This produces an empty .json-file… Isn’t that the step you expected?

Screenshot (see Error at the bottom, maybe that’s the reason, it didn’t work?)

The failure to save is an electron bug. We are gonna have to wait until they fix it.

Thanks for your answer! :slight_smile:
Could you please provide a little bit more information? At whom do you refer, when you write “they”? And why do you think did it start a few weeks ago and I didn’t had that problems before?

I think there is some confusion. The long time to load the workspace problem, I don’t know why it happens. I still think that it’s something to do with your OS or there is some third party process that is interfering.

The failure to save a performance snapshot is an electron problem and the electron devs (they) ahve to fix that.

for the “long time to load the workspace” is that possibly related to this?

Tte original big report is from 1.5.12, so no.

Yes sorry, I found the issue with the author’s plugin, and forked a patch, seems to work

Hope my observations can help and this is the right place to post it. If not, please move it…

My OS: Win11
My Vault: A Synology Drive Folder on my local hard drive, configured as “sync on demand”, the number of files is about 100k.

This works like a charm: Install Obsidian 1.4.16, configure some plugins if you like, then update to 1.5.12.
Result: Loading vault + cache + workspace in max. 1 min.
Same experience as was reported here: Why does Loading Workspace take so much time? - #9 by gino_m

This doesn’t work: Install Obsidian 1.5.12 from scratch without any predecessors.
Result, even with “naked” Obsidian without plugins, themes etc.: Loading Workspace sometimes successful after 5 min, sometimes after several hours, sometimes never. Not reproduceable / predictable.
Windows Task Manager shows me 4 processes: 3 almost idle, one with relevant CPU load.

It looks like this workspace loading thing came to the world between installers 1.4.16 and 1.5.12, and it resides in the part wich is not altered during an update process.
In my opinion at least the following reasons can probably be excluded. It is:

It is possible (but not certain) that this is a regression introduced by the newer electron version we use.

Unfortunately, the newer electron also has a bug with saving the performance profile so we can’t have a look on where exactly it gets stuck for you. We’ll see if we can update electron version in the next public release (No eta).

Mobile doesn’t use electron. The iOS/iCloud issue you linked is very specific to iOS/iCloud, we are sure of that.

We can reproduce the problem and we are looking into this.

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I want to confirm here that this is most likely a regression introduced by electron (28) in version 1.5.8.

The last working version is 1.5.3. For the time being, you can install version 1.5.3 and rely on the internal update mechanism to update obsidian.

Hopefully, newer version of electron will fix this problem and we will bundle them. I’ll keep you posted.


Thx! 1.5.3 save me!
Please notify us if you get solution on this problem in the future version. Otherwise I can never enjoy the new features.

you can let the internal mechanism of obsidian update you do 1.6.3 (it won’t update the electron version).

Confirm, even with 1.4.16 still underneath

Is there a description available for the downgrade process, or do I just need to install that version over my current installation without uninstalling first?

yes, you can just download and install the old version over.

Alternatively, we are currently soak testing the current version with an updated version of electron (30). It solves this problem (at least for me!), so if you want to give a shot, you can try that too and let me know.


:tada: yeaaah, works also for me!!! Thank you very much :partying_face:

I can confirm that this allowed opening a vault with 30k+ notes in seconds, rather than half an hour or so.

I still have a rather intriguing behavior, which is that indexing happens on every vault opening (with same exact number of notes everytime)…even if the message says that it should happen only once. This doesn’t happen with other vaults!


Any tip on how to troubleshoot this?

Thanks in advance.

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