Laptop died. Notes saved. Seeking plugin recommends for new install.

Help me choose plugins? :thinking:

Last week my trusty Thinkpad died. I successfully rsync’d all my data to a new SSD/NVME. Spent the past few days reinstalling/configging things. OS = EndeavourOS (Linux/Arch).

Obsidian data = 11,000 notes, 3,300 attachments/screenshots, 2,800 folders/categories.

I’m seeking your assistance and greater knowledge of Obsidian, to help me determine which plugins I should use. You’d possibly ask, “what plugins did i use previously?” and honestly I can’t remember. I’d install a plugin, configure it, and if I liked it, I kept it. It was always a “set it and forget it” type thing for me. But I am more than happy, thrilled actually, to start over with a clean slate :+1:


  • Am a web developer, so much of my notes were code related: snippets, documentation, resource links.
  • Saved quotes I came across on the webs
  • Cooking, recipes
  • Movies: tracking movies we’ve watched
  • Would be nice to have a habit/mood/mental-health tracker
  • Daily Notes is a big thing. I wrote a bash script that inserted the code for ‘Yesterday & Tomorrow’ across all my daily notes. Days I missed were generated. And it runs on a cronjob. Have 750 Daily notes linking to various other notes.

Over time, I will copy over all my old notes.

Old screenshot of my notes, yellow dots are my Dailys

If you have your vault backup then you should have ´.obsidian´ folder with all settings and plugins.

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