Language setting for date related naming

Use case or problem

I mostly write notes in Dutch but I like the obsidian app to use English as that makes google search results and talking on Discord a lot more logical.

At the same time I want any generated dates to be in Dutch. In my daily template I use {{date:dddd}} to get the dayname, so when I look back at my notes I know which day it was (gives context).

This results in the English dayname instead of the Dutch dayname. Which is logical as the language setting is set on English. When I set the language settings to Dutch it works correctly but I do not want to do that as mentioned above.

Proposed solution

In the Daily notes core plugin settings add a date specific language setting where you can set the language to use in generated dates.

Current workaround (optional)

I just manually change the English dayname to Dutch every day.

You may want to look into using Templater and setting up a more robust custom template for your notes to get this to work.