Lagging Chinese input on macOS Big Sur

Typing in the editor using the default Chinesse Pinyin IME on macOS Big Sur (Mac mini M1) feels laggy. Haven’t tried on other platforms.

this is unfortunately too vague and most likely outside our control.

I can do a screen recording. There is no such problem using other text editor.

I believe you. Other than downloading the latest version compatible with m1, I am not sure this is something we have any control over. You should have similar problems in other electron based apps

I believe Notion also uses Electron however I don’t see such lagging.

is it slow when typing the title or is it slow only in the main text area?

Main text area. It is like you type a few letters, it doesn’t show up for 0.5 seconds and then suddenly it all shows up.

Is it fast in title or in the search box?

Yes. Typing in title and search has no issues. Blazing fast.

Ok this is likely an issue with our editor codemirror.

are you sure you are running the version of obsidian for m1?

Yes. Double checked.

This problem doesn’t not appear on Intel Chip Macs.

Facing the same issues after I upgraded to Big sur. But can only recurrent in RIME.
When turning to System’s IME, it works perfectly.

I left this info for someone who may need it.

OS: 11.3.1 (20E241)
HW: Mac mini (2018)
RIME: 0.15.2

It looks like the obsidian-git is causing the problem.
After I increased the backup interval, the lag only happened at that moment of backup.

Do you still have this problem? Have you download and reinstalled the latest version of obsidian?

I am experiencing the same issue in Mac Monterey.
I do not have obsidian-git installed.
The lag only happens for Chinese input with long sentences. No issue with English.