Lag during writing

There’s a lag when I write in Obsidian (the words appear a bit after I type them). This doesn’t happen if I turn off all the plugins, so the plugins are the cause of this lag. Is it possible to find out which plugin(s) are responsible for this?

Yep! There is a plug-in for that too :joy:

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I note that in my case it’s not just the community mods that do this but the default ones as well. I have to disable every plugin that comes with obsidian in order to not have delay between text being typed and text being rendered on screen. There seems to be some difference between all and none being enabled, but the lag remains.

The sandbox is much smoother though, so it’s something beyond just disabled plugins?

Notepad and word work without any issues.

Is a non issue on 9900ks CPU with 2080 Ti and is a non issue on a galaxy a52, but is an issue on the hp envy from 2014.

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