KindleGPT - NotesEnhancer - Python Script

Hey there, fellow Kindle enthusiasts and knowledge keepers! If you’re like me and find joy in taking notes from your Kindle books and using Obsidian, I’ve got something that might make your day a little brighter.

What It Does:

  • Keeps an eye on your Google Mail for those Kindle notes.
  • Tidies them up and gives them an extra spark with ChatGPT.
  • Offers flexibility with prompts and templates.
  • Safely stores your notes in neat markdown files.
  • Conveniently uploads everything to your Obsidian vault on Google Drive for seamless access.

Why It Matters: Tired of the manual work? With this tool, you can skip that Readwise step and make managing your Kindle notes a breeze.

How to Get Involved: Hop over to the project on GitHub. I’m super keen to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can make it even more user-friendly!

:raised_hands: Your feedback is gold. Thanks!