Keystrokes for Headings ⌘+1= # ⌘+2= ## etc

Things I have tried

I am new to Obsidian and instantly noticed that, unlike almost every other markdown editor I’ve ever used, it doesn’t appear possible to set the header level with a keystroke?

Most others allow
⌘+1= # Heading 1
⌘+2= ## Heading 2

Is this possible?

I searched for “heading keystrokes” and did not find an answer. I tried to enable “toggle heading level” in the vault settings, but it only opens a contextual menu where I can choose a heading level – a bit slower than discrete keystrokes.

What I’m trying to do

  1. Is this possible now?
  2. Is there some good reason why not?
  3. Would you consider making it possible in future?


I agree that this would be very useful. Others also agree. You could support the idea in the following linked feature request by liking it. Here it is: Shortcuts / hotkeys for headings


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