Keynote Slide Image Organization

I am not necessarily stuck, but just wondering if there is a better way of doing this.

What I’m trying to do

I do lot of speaking engagements in retreats. In the past, I would use Ulysses to write all my notes, then I would make a Keynote based on that outline. Then I would copy all my notes into the appropriate slides into each individual slide as presenter notes (a time-consuming process)

Things I have tried

Current solution but looking if there is something is better…

  1. Created the Keynote first based very loosely on the outline (imagine just titles and headers and the ‘main idea’) sprinkled in the keynote
  2. Export Keynote to Images
  3. New Obsidian Note - Add each slide image into the note, then add my actual notes below the slide image.

In this manner…I could use the iPad Pro to display my Keynote and project to a TV. Then use my iPad Mini as my personal script and keep tracking.

This creates 2 issues that I can’t figure out so far

  1. I have to be mindful of navigating the Keynote and my own script during presentation
  2. Each Keynote has about 20-30 slides. What’s the best way to organize these in the vault?

Any suggestions?

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