Keyboard shortcuts to enter current date/time

Personally I use textexpander as I realize I need to enter current datetime acros multiple apps

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It would also be super cool to have a full on date-picker shortcut since this would give you the ability to look at days of the week so that you can make notes to yourself that span in time.

For example, you could write something like #TODO [[date]] where the date can be selected using a date-picker UI. So you can help select the date “2 weeks from now” “2 days from now” etc. Roam Research has a similar feature.


for chinese user who use sogou pinyin input method, tab rq 日期, then select a time. Maybe other input method will support this feature too

I am stumbling on the same issue about the date. A text expander is working great obviously, but the date is entered as text. Wouldn’t it be better a date picker so that the date is entered as a field? I am thinking of possible searches and filtering in the future (pages from 2019 for example, pages from last month, etc).

Keep in mind that we are working in plain-text files, so the date is always going to be represented as text. What I think we want from a date-picker or any other input solution is consistency in date format.

The daily note plugin is the beginning of this. We set a date format for all daily note titles. That date format could be used consistently in all notes. Then future plugins that read dates (e.g. calendar) would know the date format to parse.


This is very handy.
I think a hot string (or text-expander) function can also help for the template like in this post.

All 3rd party solutions described here are nice, but you would think you don’t have to do this for such a simple yet essential feature. Many suggestions here are not accessible for new users (AutoHotKey script) or are Mac / PC specific.

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I’m just trying out the ‘Daily note’ plugin and I think it is annoying that I have to type today’s date all the time when I want to link to today. I’d love to have a shortcut (for me it probably would be Ctrl+D) that inserts the date.

The date should probably not be linked unless the shortcut is part of the Daily notes plugin.


Text expander? E.g. Espanso.


You do have a template set for your Daily Notes, right?

You can set all kinds of fields to be populated in that template and automatically inserted when you click “create daily note,” including whatever date format you like.

I actually have a specific template which I’ve created to be inserted in already created notes which just creates a header with a date and time so that if I need to insert something on the fly, it’s extremely easy.

(All that said, I would love to have an integrated date-picker for inserting dates in the future/past. I suspect will be able to do that pretty easily with the plug-in architecture which is coming down the pipe.)

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Yes, I do have a template. I’m mainly talking about adding links to the daily note on the fly, not to create the note.

I didn’t think of that yet, so thank you for that. This should be a decent workaround for the moment.

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Yes! A date selector with a date-picker-ui would be an amazing feature, a great plugin idea.


FWIW: I use multiple date & time formats in multiple programs. Since I was dealing with this issue in 3-4 programs for years, I just created 1 AutoHotKey program for all the assorted times I use Ctl+Shft+D (2020-09-27) -Alt+Shft+D (Sunday, September 27, 2020) - Ctl+$Numpad0 (22:12 PM) etc.

Took me 15 minutes to learn enough AHK to do it. AHK can actually create just about any “new” feature I want in Obsidian… If I cared to understand it better and make the macro. I suspect AHK is only one of many ways to do this universally.


I’m planning on adding this (or a version of this) to the natural language dates plugin: three shortcuts to add the current date, current time, and current date+time. I already have something working and I’m just wondering about the format… Are all those meant to be links? or is the preference to just insert text?

Later on, I plan to add a modal to take any date in natural language (sorry, no date picker) but that might take me a little longer.

To note… right now, all date-related plugins have their own separate settings (so it’s up to the user to keep them consistent). I haven’t checked if there’s a way to access the daily note settings (although I assume it’s possible), just wondering if there’s a scenario where you’d want dates formatted differently than in the daily plugin? (e.g. for the modal)


My solution is ‘insert template’.
so, I hope several date/time formats and hotkeys for the navigation.

The natural language date plugin already supports this starting on v0.3.0.


I’ve just implemented adding the current date/time to the frontmatter, through the plugin ‘Markdown Prettifier’, any feedback is welcome.


@cristian Can the date be added as a footer instead of a header? Also does the tables feature work well with the “Advanced Tables” plugin?

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How can I do the same as what you do like typing cmd/c