Keyboard shortcut for creating new unique note in new pane

Use case or problem

In the Hotkeys setting, we can assign two separate shortcuts for “Create new note” and “Create note in new pane”, but for the core plugin “Unique note creator”, you can only assign the keyboard shortcut for “Create new unique note”. There is no option for creating a new unique note in a new pane.

I believe this plugin was designed for creating a Zettelkasten system so people like me tend to use it for rapidly creating notes and writing fleeting thoughts down, at the same time comparing them side by side, but currently when you hit the keyboard shortcut to create a new unique note (Ctrl+Q in my case), the currently-opened note gets shut down and a new empty note replaces it, which is not ideal for a smooth Zettelkasten workflow.

Proposed solution

Adding an option in the Hotkeys setting for “create new unique note in new pane” will solve this problem.


i am facing the same problem