Keyboard not responding when using Obsidian

I have a new MacBook Air and it’s been giving me keyboard problems only while using Obsidian. I already tried with Apple for SMC, SafeMode and Test User but the problem persist so it seems like is not a computer problem, especially because it only happens using Obsidian.

While writing, if I get a typo and right click to correct it, it will correct but after that the keyboard stops responding. I can use arrows and the return key but no letters. In order to make it work I have to move to another app or spotlight, use the keyboard in that app and then go back to Obsidian, only doing that makes it work again. It does it almost every other sentence, the issue appears as soon as I make a typo and correct it.

I saw another post here with someone having keyboard issues and it got resolved by disabling the VIM key bindings in Editor. However, mine is disabled. Any ideas?

Just guessing… Could there be a shortcut conflict with Obsidian’s shortcuts?

I have had the same issue for the last couple of builds of Obsidian (on a MBP), in my own vault and the help vault. Toggling to preview mode and back to edit mode solves the glitch, keeping the cursor’s position and without having to go to another app. Don’t know what causes it. Happens numerous times each day, but the toggle is so simple that it doesn’t bother me.


I don’t think so. I haven’t created any shortcuts in this computer yet

Thanks a lot, I didn’t realize toggling to preview mode also fixes it, that would help in the meantime. I hope they will fix it soon because it is pretty annoying

Submitted bug report

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