Key-values as list - Quickadd

Does anyone know how I should structure my script to ensure that the values are placed as a list in placeholders scripts?

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to make the script created to be used in QuickAdd’s macro function ask me what the values are for certain keys in the property/YAML. If a key has more than one value, then those values should be organized as a list, but this isn’t happening. How can I do this?

Like this:


  • Value 1
  • Value 2

Not like this:

Key: - Value 1

  • Value 2

Things I have tried

Ive made two scripts!

What happens if you change lines the one below:

 const formattedTermosPais = => `  - [[${termo}]]`).join('\n');

to something like:

 const formattedTermosPais = "\n" + => `  - [[${termo}]]`.join('\n'));

Does that solve your issue?

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