Keeping Obsidian up-to-date on macOS El Capitan

Hi there,

I have multiple mac machines from various ages, but all rather old.
One of them, a 2012 mac mini with an i7 cpu, I keep running El Capitan solely to not lose the ability to run (my old) Adobe Suite. I only us it from time to time and am not ready to upgrade (subscription based + too expensive for my usage)

One of the great things that I use Obsidian for is keeping track of software versions and install logs on my various machines. The wonderfull thing about Obsidian is that it runs on most if not all operating systems.

My trouble at the moment is that, in my understanding, I am now stuck due to Electron version limitation.
On El Capitan I have 1.4.16 (installer v1.1.8) and am unable to use sync to keep all settings and plugins in sync. My other macs run Obsidian 1.4.16 but installer 1.4.16?

Obsidian settings displays following message:
To support the latest features and to receive the latest security patches, Obsidian needs a major installer update. You need to manually download and reinstall Obsidian.
But in fact the newer installer is not compatible and can not be used. (the famous one-way traffic sign, Electron version?)

Question: Are there ways to keep (more) current with Obsidian without using a higher version of Electron?
Is it maybe possible for me to compile Obsidian on this El Capitan machine without increasing Electron version?

Thanks for all help and insights!

As long as you use the auto-update of Obsidian your installer version will never change. To update the installer version you need to download Obsidian again, and install it again.

So you should try that, unless you know a newer installer version doesn’t run on your os version.

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