Keep focus in current tab (Open links in new tab/tab group in background)

+1 will be very useful and time saving (found this thread while searching how to do what is requested here)

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+1 !!

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I would love this feature as well!

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will be implemented in v1.2. No ETAs.


+1 This is driving me nuts also!

Could we just add a cmd+shift or cmd+option or cmd+ctrl or just a setting that allows us to choose whether we want cmd+click to open a link in a background or foreground tab?

Pleeeease ? :slight_smile:

+1 for the feature :slight_smile:

I was looking for a way to open all the links inside file at once

  • [[Note 1]]
  • [[Note 2]]
  • [[Note 3]]

I would have preferred to select them with mouse and invoke the command - “Open all selected links”.
But at the moment there is only an option “Open link under cursor in new tab” (Ctrl+Enter) which also takes you to the tab that just opened, and doesn’t allow you to open many of these links, at least one at a time, quickly.

Then, otherwise, I wanted to drag and drop files from File Manager (Total Commander) to the Obsidian tab area to open them at once, but it doesn’t work that way.

I love Obsidian and use it everyday, but I am so used to open tabs like this and I need to do that so often that it almost made me give up Obsidian in the early stage. Glad I didn’t, but this is still annoying AF.

“Options - Editor - Always focus new tabs” helps a bit with it.

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really helped me, thx :slight_smile:

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