Keep focus in current pane/tab

I’d be nice to be able to choose to open new panes or tabs in the background (the way you can do with browser tabs in most browsers), without having the focus shift to newly opened files.

Use case or problem

Use case: Note A has links to ten other notes, and you want to open all ten of them. Currently, when using Sliding Panes or Tabs, opening the first one (“Note B”) will shift focus to Note B; you have to navigate back to Note A to open the other links. So opening all ten notes means open Note B, navigate back to Note A, open Note C, navigate back to Note A, etc. It’d be nice to keep the cursor and focus on Note A throughout, and be able to open notes B, C, D, etc. in the background.

The issue is compounded when opening notes from the backlink window. This requires clicking Note B, navigating back to Note A (which resets the backlink window), scroll down through the backlink window to locate Note C, open note C, navigate back to Note A, again scroll down through the backlink window, open note D, etc.

Proposed solution

A toggle to open links in the background by default.

Related requests

Related but more limited request (limited to opening backlinks): Keep backlinks for currently-focused document when clicking on them