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Can Kanban page be pinned somehow to the left panel with its own icon (somewhere below Open command palette icon)? Alternatively I would like to place its icon next to where Search and Bookmarks are. When I pin Kanban page to Expand panel it doesn’t open in full window width.

I’ve updated the generic version of my “myK.md” combining …

- [ ] [tasks](../tasks/tasks.md)
- [ ] ```tasks<br>not done<br>sort by due<br>```

into one

- [ ] [tasks](../tasks/tasks.md)(edit) ```tasks<br>not done<br>sort by due<br>```

so that the editing and visual/non-editable are in the same card.

I’ve done the same with …
tasks_D_after_T.md (tasks due after tomorrow)


kanban-plugin: basic


## DO

- [ ] DO_P1 #-01-
- [ ] DO_P2 #-02-
- [ ] DO_P3 #-03-
- [ ] DO_P4 #-04-
- [ ] [DAILY](obsidian://advanced-uri?vault=YourVaultNAME&daily=true)
- [ ] [tasks](../tasks/tasks.md)(edit)<br>```tasks<br>not done<br>sort by due<br>```

## WHEN?

- [ ] Procrastinator's Dream
- [ ] ¿¿

## DUE_after_TOM

- [ ] EMAIl_P2 #-02-
- [ ] ¿?
- [ ] [tasks_D_after_T](../tasks/tasks_D_after_T.md)(edit)<br>```tasks<br>not done <br>due after tomorrow <br>sort by due<br> ```


- [ ] BUY_P1 #-01-
- [ ] ¿?
- [ ] [tasks_TOMORROW](../tasks/tasks_TOMORROW.md)(edit)<br>```tasks<br>not done <br>due tomorrow <br> ```


- [ ] RUN #-01-
- [ ] ¿?
- [ ] [tasks_TODAY](../tasks/tasks_TODAY.md)(edit)<br>```tasks<br>not done<br>due today<br> ```


Hello! I’m configuring my task lists with this plugin. I would like to show the status of a cards in kanban view (image 1) based on the “Status” property in the note itself (see image below). Right now I have to manually type the status tag on the card as shown. Is this possible?

Image 1:

Image 2:

I appreciate any help/feedback.

Yes. While inside the kanban, there is a board setting icon at the upper right. In there, you can configure which properties from the linked files that you want to display in the cards.

I apologize, as im a newbie.
But im trying to find out if theres a way to “minimize a card” to just its headline?
(for example, i want to put a topic headline with bullet points below, but be able to minimize and hide the bullet points on each individual card)
by the research iv done, i havent been able to find a way.
And if there isnt a way, id love to suggest it as a potential future feature (:
(my apologies as i do not know how to properly submit a feature request)

What is the current development status of the Kanban plugin? Is it still actively maintained? When can we expect further development of the plugin? Thank you!


I would also love for any news on potential updates to this plugin, and one of the features I’d like would be to collapse a lane. However, since I’m sometimes a little impatient I implemented the following workaround: Add #_/vert to the lane title and watch the magic of the CSS below unfold.

[href="#_/vert"] {
    display: none;

.kanban-plugin__lane-wrapper:has([href="#_/vert"]) {
    width: inherit !important;

    & .kanban-plugin__lane-header-wrapper {
        /* Set the basis for a vertical layout of the header */
        display: flex; 
        flex-direction: column; 
        justify-content: center;

        /* Add a border around the lane */
        border: 1px solid var(--background-modifier-border);
        border-radius: var(--input-radius);

        /* Try to align the grip with the other grips */
        & .kanban-plugin__lane-grip {
            padding-top: 5px;

        /* Rotate the title text */
        & .kanban-plugin__lane-title {
            width: auto !important; /* */
            min-height: 80px !important; 
            /* background-color: green; /* */
            text-orientation: mixed;
            writing-mode: vertical-rl;
            padding-top: 10px;
            padding-bottom: 10px; 
    /* Hide the actual list when in vertical mode */
    & .kanban-plugin__item-button-wrapper,
    & .kanban-plugin__lane-items {
        display: none;

Now a test KanBan of mine looks like this:


And when doing edit list you can see:

This addition seems to also respect lane dragging, and so on… :smiley:

Now onto to finding a way to use a command, maybe through QuickAdd, to toggle the list status. Or even better, maybe an icon or ctrl/cmd-clicking the drag handle? Well, that’s for another day.

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