Kanaban plugin - linking to documents on a Windows PC network share?

Hi all,

I am looking to link my Kanaban cards using the plugin to certain Word documents on my computer. However, using CTRL+K doesn’t work, and I can seem to find a notes section? Is there a way to link to the Word documents?

I can’t use internal notes as the files need to be on the server.

Thanks :smiley:

Edit: Tried using markdown, and it works. However, it is telling me that the doc doesn’t exist on the server? Using something like this [Hi](<file:///\\server\Public\blabla\more stuff\word doc.docx>). Anyone know why it isn’t linking?

I’m not on Windows at the moment or have a network share here, but in my notes I have this as working and have used it a few times before with success:

URL/URI encode the \\ as %5C%5C before the share name/IP address, so →

directory → [link text](<file:///%5C%5Cfileservername\path\to\folder>)

file → [link text](<file:///%5C%5Cfileservername\path\to\file.docx>)

I think the slashes after the server name can also be forward, so [link text](<file:///%5C%5Cfileservername/path/to/file.docx>)

You could give these a try.

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Worked, thanks so much!

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