Just Wondering

I’m just wondering if I’m the only person around seeing strange things happening with Obsidian.

I’ve been working with Obsidian for only about two months importing notes from other applications. Early on, I noticed some strange behavior concerning attachments, but I couldn’t pin it down… until recently.

While importing notes into Obsidian, I often noticed that some attachments would disappear and be replaced with a message indicating that the attachment hadn’t been created yet. So I would look for the attachment to correct the situation.

After some time I found that this occurred regardless of the type of attachment (jpg, pdf, doc, etc.). sometimes I would add the attachment back to the note and it would disappear again.

I then learned that if I recreated the note new, the attachment(s) would remain attached.

I have now learned that when I import a note where the attachment(s) disappear, all I need to do is delete the note title and recreate that title verbatim and the attachments stay as expected.

So anybody else ever seen this? How can the title (filename) of a note have this effect?

Just wondering…

If you are using a software to synchronize your files. Make sure it is set to keep you file on disk and not to download them on demand.

iCloud Drive may still be the issue here (your post from a month ago):

Have a look at this two posts from ryanjamurphy:

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