Just in time new feature - YOU ARE AMAZING

hello Obsidian dev team,

I must give you praises today !!

Yesterday I imported my Evernote archives into my vault. Approx 15 000 notes converted into MD and … 70 000 files (images, PDF, videos…). It worked but Obsidian became quite sluggish, most likely because every time I am creating a new link, the app has to sort 82 000 files and notes (the total size of my vault). I was worried that it won’t be usable and I would have to reverse my data integration.

And this morning, I see the new insider release : “Files matched by this filter will be down-ranked when using Quick Switcher and link suggestions” !!!


The fact that Obsidian can manage significant volume of INFORMATION, not just text notes, is the main reason I will never go back to Roam or other “notes apps”. My knowledge is not made of just text notes. PDF, images, videos, DOCS, PPT, etc… CONNECTED to my text notes are fundamental. Obsidian is the only true PKM system out there.