Just destroyed my vault, how to save?

Hello all. Just destroyed my vault and need help recovering.

I use Sync. Got a new phone. Set up to sync my vault. It started immediately. Didn’t want everything so set up some excluded folders to not sync. There was some content that had already synced. I figured since those are excluded from syncing, it would be possible to just delete them on the phone. Nope. It went through and started deleting from all devices. Damn.

I caught it on the phone and stopped syncing. Tons of files deleted when I checked on the laptop. Put in a support ticket but the automated response says it could be three business days so probably no answer until next week.

The buttons for View and Bulk Restore in the Sync settings do absolutely nothing. No help there.

Remembered I had Obsidian Git installed for backup. The backup with deletion has already gone through. Trying to revert the commit but getting an error that I can’t because I have unmerged files. No idea how to go about fixing that. Is there an automated way to do that or do I need to go through all 120,000 files individually?

Any ideas on what to do to save my vault?

that button wasn’t working. hit the button but nothing happened. bit frustrating.

managed to fix the problem. obsidian git was making backups. i was able to restore from an earlier commit. thankful for redundancy in backups.

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