Jump to line:column number - Go to line:column number

Use case or problem

Introduce a Go to Line:Column option

An option to jump to a specific line and column number in a markdown file would be great.

For example, all modern IDEs have an option where the user can open a pop up window by pressing a shortcut, for example ‘strg + L’, and then type the line number followed by a colon and the desired column number where they want their cursor to jump to.

I am not sure whether such a feature is already available, at least I could not find it.

Such a feature would be very useful - I apologize if such a feature is already in place and ask to point me to the documentation.

Proposed solution

Introduce a pop-up window in the editor which may be called by some shortcut, for example ‘strg + L’ → let the user enter the line number followed by a colon and a column number to move the cursor to that specific place in a markdown file.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks in IntelliJ IDE:

intellij-got-to-line column

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

An augmented version of this could contain a checkbox which enables an option to always go to the center of a line if the column is not specified.

intellij-got-to-line center

Note, if you’re using vim-mode, the 34G and 50| of course work for that purpose already.

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Thank you for the advice, vim-mode is of course an option already available, but I still think that this is a basic feature which should not be too hard to integrate