Join with Typora devs

Guy why haven’t you join with Typora devs?
The Typora is failing to deliver stable version for a long time, and anyway they have no chance agains Obsidian. They will vanish…when WYSIWG will be released…

Of course what I mean is that they will banish the Typora development and existing and usefull code from Typora will merge into Obsidian…

Why not to join forces?

It’s a nice thought, but I sincerely doubt merging the two codebases would be worth the effort.

Also: #developers-api is not for reaching out to Obsidian’s devs, but for starting a discussion about development on Obsidian’s (to-be-launched) API. Moved this to the general category on the forum.

Amen to that. They are not even able to open a 2Mb file :wink:
Think Ryan has a valid point on the joining of the codebases.
It’s not worth the effort just to get the WYSIWIG-editor feature into Obsidian (if that’s what you are pointing at as reason for joining).

Other thought: WIth almost 30-years of ICT background I’ve seen many thing appear and disappear. The last category mostly because they weren’t “good enough”, so it’s normal that Apps like Typora will disappear because they don’t keep up with the pace that’s expected from them. We don’t know what’s going on behind the screens at Typora. We only see that they aren’t able to release “good” software for us as users. So a great chance they will lose users -> their popularity will drop -> less updates -> eventually dead after a while. If that would be a reason for others to pick up the codebase (which will be sub-par quality as the software isn’t stable) is in my opinion (personal) not such a good idea.