Ivy Method and roll over tasks in Obsidian

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Is it possible to use Ivy Lee Method in Obsidian?

I always take notes and write my journal. Sometimes I find few action items which need to be done someday in the future. I am wondering if there is a way to create a task wherever I am writing and that task can be added to the Main task manager note.

At this moment, I am using https://tweek.so for managing my tasks and it’s powerful and simple at the same time. But I think this Ivy Lee Method test management is possible in Obsidian.

Please share your thoughts if someone has a setup like this as I am new to this.



Have you looked at the Checklist plug-in?

You just set the tag you want and any checkbox with that tag is collected to a pane in the sidebar. Constrain to 6 if you want Ivy method.

I do a variation of this. I use Amazing Marvin for my deadline-driven must do tasks. But there are always the smaller ‘would be cool if’ or ‘read when you have a break between meetings’ type things that pop up in the course of my day and I find get in the way or are distracting in the middle of bigger lists.

So I’ll just jot a line starting with - [ ] #todo in the midst of whatever note the thought occurred and it will be in the sidebar list persistently. I don’t let more than 4-6 pile up there before knocking something off. If they become bigger I transfer to Marvin.

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@jsohn217 Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I looked into the Checklist now and it’s great.

Do you know any other way to create a separate note for the Main task manager instead of the side panel? So that we can collect all tasks at a place and there we can manage them within days of the week which can automatically roll over to next day if doesn’t complete on the same day. Just like the Ivy method.

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I think the Obsidian Tasks plugin will do what you’re looking for.

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