I've created an AWS inspired theme for Obsidian

Hey y’all

Obsidian newbie here.

I am prepping for certification exams using Obsidian to organize my studying and thoughts and got a little carried away this weekend and created AWS .

It still only works on dark mode, but I will be working on a light mode in the coming days.

Disclaimer: you need Amazon Ember and Amazon Ember Mono fonts for it to work nicely, I can’t distribute it, but y’all are smart and will know how to find them.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Not my preferred style (I’m sure others will love it though) but I gotta say that tag trick is wicked good. :+1:

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Ah, those are such attractive fonts that will forever be associated with work for me haha.

Big +1 to the comment about tags. Love that styling! Thank you for sharing.

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I am also having the same issue and found the accurate answer from AWS notes.