It's time to add Databases now that Tables are fully supported - Time to overthrow Notion!

I have no idea what the tea leaves are revealing, but, but it seems logical that the dynamic views functionality would be something elevated from core search but not as code centric as data view is.

Now that we have properties and tables, the next logical thing would be improving and putting a face on the core search plugin using those elements. Purely speculating, It may be that Datacore is the guts for that.

If I was still in a project management environment, I would lean towards using the Plain Text Project Planning plugin. I say that only because it’s a rather specialized application, it has quite a following, and it works now. Caveat, a question to ask any developer about functionality like that: How would I export that data later if I needed it in Markdown, or any other format; say, a corporate archive of projects or a bank validating a loan or a lawyer in a contract dispute, etc…

I very much would like to see core Obsidian adhere to Markdown compatibility. So far, they’ve done an amazing job of this!

I am eagerly looking forward to Dynamic tables Obsidian is currently developing to replace (?) Dataviews.

Here’s a comparison page someone else has kindly put together (I found it on reddit)

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