It worked before, but now it gives an error or the wrong result

It worked before, but now it gives an error or the wrong result

Please help me create a daily schedule in Dataview without other plugins.

What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried

What worked before? Which errors do you get? What is the wrong result? Why is it wrong?

We are not mind readers…

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Dataview: No results for show for task query.

Writes! And if I do as shown below, then it also shows for today and for some reason shows the result for tomorrow, although the <= sign is there.


Task From #задачи 
Where Дата <= date(today)
Where !completed 
Group by (date)
Sort (date)

чат для пользователей КС;
или не есть?date2024-02-01;
data [Дата2024-02-01]
нихуя не поймуdate2024-02-08
:black_cat: date::2024-02-08
:black_heart:date:: 2024-02-08
6:30 Проснуться;
6:30 Посмотреть на градусник;
6:30 Почистить зубы;
6:30 Налить доче воды и

In the example you’ve given there is no defintion of the Дата field, and actually no tasks defined either so no wonder no tasks are displayed. In addition the fields related to the cat and the heart doesn’t recognise the cat and the heart as pieces of the field name, so instead you got a list of two dates in the date field.

So just to repeat some of the ways you can define inline fields:

some field name:: This will get the rest of the paragraph as value

But in this case [theField:: will only get parts] as the value

🐈‍⬛ date::2024-02-08
🖤date:: 2024-02-08

`$= const f=dv.current(); delete f.file; dv.span(f) `

Should be displayed something like the following:

Here you can that the cat & heart variants are joined together into the date variable, and that the other two field with their sanitised key variants holds the expected values.

Task From #задачи 
Where Дата = date(today)
Where !completed 
Group by (date)
Sort (date)

Please tell me what’s wrong with my program, that it doesn’t display the tasks created for today?

Where and how do you define the Дата ? If it’s not defined, nothing will show.

.where(t => !t.completed)
.where(t => t.text.includes(date)))

Why did this code begin to display tasks for tomorrow, although it did not show them before?

[date:: 2024-02-02] - Wouldn’t this code help to help the text itself give out the date?

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