Issues with PDF Export in Obsidian v1.5.12 on OS X 14.4 for Processing in GPT 4 Plus

Good day,

I would like to discuss a problem concerning the PDF export in Obsidian. When exporting notes as PDFs – both with and without images – from Obsidian version 1.5.12 on OS X Sonoma, I find that the PDFs cannot be read by Chat GPT 4 Plus. Manually copying from the exported PDFs only yields cryptic characters when pasted into a standard text application. Normally, PDF printing under OS X works flawlessly and is a standard process that is available system-wide and functions correctly. Therefore, the issue seems to be specific to Obsidian and not related to plugins, as it concerns a standard feature.

This error significantly disrupts my workflow, as I cannot quickly print my work as a PDF and upload it to GPT 4 Plus. I assume that this problem is solvable and hope for a correction in the next software update.

Has anyone had similar experiences or a proposed solution to this problem?

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The error described is not a user error, therefore it is a bug and not a topic for the help forum, but rather for the bug forum.

It might become clearer if I illustrate the process graphically once again

Dear Community,

I would like to apologize as I have found the error on my own. The issue did not occur in the Sandbox Vault. I disabled all plugins, yet the error was still present. Subsequently, I reverted Obsidian’s appearance to the default settings.

It turns out the problem was a specific interaction between the Things Theme and the Plaque plugin in Style Settings.

I have removed both, which is quite frustrating. It appears that customizing Obsidian might not be the best approach when one has significant work to complete.

Best, Dorian

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