Issues with dataview, pulling weekly and daily notes into my monthly notes

I created several notes, for daily and weekly notes.

In particular, I copied the format from Bryan Jenks video here (, but I wanted to name my monthly notes just as “YYYY-MM” and not as he does “YYYY-[M]MM”, (like 2023-M10, I want just 2023-10). Problem is, I cannot find the notes if I do like this… Below the code he uses, and I tried different configuration of the right hand part of the equation, but nothing.

AND dateformat(file.ctime, “yyyy-MM”) = replace(, “M”, “”)

I tried putting just = (which should be correct in theory), but probably the syntax is not right.

Given the correct file.ctime it should work with dateformat(file.ctime, "yyyy-MM") = .

If that doesn’t work, I would try an intermediate query in your monthly note, where you add the columns dateformat(file.ctime, "yyyy-MM") and just to verify that they hold the value you think they should hold.

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