Issues With Android Seeing Files


Things I have tried

I’m having issues using the mobile app. The files are in the obsidian folder on my Android ,(Samsung g20). Obsidian sees the folders but is not seeing the files.

I’ve tried installing Markor and restarting device etc. but to no avail. Am I doing something incorrectly or is this a known issue?

Please help! Thanks!

I’m on Android Samsung S9 and am able to view all of my notes. All, but 1 Plug-in works, as well as my theme. Obsidian mobile has worked seemless, except for the ability to zoom in and out.

I know this information doesn’t solve your issue, but thought it might be important to know.

I’m guessing you have tried all of the obvious things: like restarting Obsidian & your phone,…

Good luck, I’ll be interested to hear what the issue is.

Thanks for that information. It does help. If I may ask, are you using Sync or a 3rd party plugin to sync your files? If so, which one?

I’m using Syncthing, a 3rd party app. I learned about it, here on the forum.

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