Issues related to accessing commands on iPhone/iPad

Things I have tried

New user using Obsidian primarily on iPhone/iPad. Several issues related to accessing commands:

Being on an iPhone/iPad, with no Command or Option keys on the virtual keyboard, I don’t see how to access or configure hotkeys.

I find the command palette difficult to use. Several complaints: (1) Commands appear in no particular order. It would be easier to search for commands if the list was alphabetized. (2) I am using the minimal theme and there is a huge list of minimal theme commands that you have to scroll through when you search for commands. There are probably as many of them as there are of all the other commands. Couldn’t they be made accessible elsewhere, e.g., somewhere in settings? (3) Many commands I’d like to have ready access to, e.g., Close, Delete file, Rename file, and others don’t appear in the command palette list.

I would like to edit the lists of commands that appear when you press on an item in the file explorer and when you tap on the vertical row of three dots in the upper right corner of the right panel when a file is open.

I’m coming to Obsidian from Vim where I attempted to use the wiki.vim plugin to create and manage a crude zettlekasten. I’m impressed with it’s potential bit frustrated by the learning curve. I’m grateful for help setting up a simple, clean Bear-like setup given by a poster on Reddit. Previously I’d had Obsidian just sitting on my devices, not having a clue how to get started.

What I’m trying to do

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