Issue with Specific URL Links Not Displaying Correctly in Obsidian

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Obsidian.
  2. Create a new note.
  3. Insert the following URL link:

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[URL reference]($3FqueryDetail$3D~(end~0~start~-43200~timeType~'RELATIVE~unit~'seconds~editorString~source~(~'*2ftest)))
  1. Click the link to check its display.

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y]

Yes, the above steps were tested in a sandbox vault without any third-party plugins or CSS snippets and using the default theme.

Expected result

The above URL link is displayed correctly and clicking it accesses the specified page.

Actual result

The last parenthesis of the link is ignored, resulting in an incomplete URL display, and the correct page cannot be accessed.