Issue with heatMapTracker for Completed Tasks in "Self Development" Section

I am currently facing a challenge with the heatMapTracker based in dataview.
Specifically, I am trying to track completed tasks under the “Self Development” section,
but the code is not working as expected.
Current Code:

intensity: page.file.tasks.section === + " > Self Development",

Objective: I aim to modify the code to accurately track the number of completed tasks under the “Self Development” section, and I suspect that the issue lies within the mentioned code snippet.

Code Snippet:

dv.span("**🧠 Self Development 🧠 **")
const calendarData = {
    year: 2024,
    colors: {
        red: ["#ff9e82","#ff7b55","#ff4d1a","#e73400","#bd2a00"]
    showCurrentDayBorder: true,
    intensityScaleStart: 1,
    intensityScaleEnd: 5,
    entries: []
for (let page of dv.pages('"Journal/Daily"')) {
    // Parse the current date string
    const currentDate = new Date(;

    // Format the date as YYYY-MM-DD
    const formattedDate = currentDate.toISOString().split('T')[0];
    const path = + "#Self Development"
        date: formattedDate,
        intensity: /* Your revised code here */,
        content: await dv.span(`[[${path}| ]]`),

renderHeatmapCalendar(this.container, calendarData)

Additional Information:

The primary goal is to capture the correct number of completed tasks under the “Self Development” section for each note.
The suspected problematic line of code is the intensity property within the loop.
Any insights or suggested modifications to the code would be greatly appreciated.
Feel free to provide more details or context if necessary, and I’ll do my best to assist you further.

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