Issue with CSS when linking in the header

<span class=" cm-formatting-link">]]</span>


<span role="presentation" style="padding-right: 0.1px;">
	<span class="cm-formatting cm-formatting-header cm-formatting-header-1 cm-header cm-header-1"># </span>
	<span class="cm-header cm-header-1">Some Header </span>
	<span class="cm-formatting-link cm-header cm-header-1">[[</span>
	<span class="cm-header cm-header-1 cm-hmd-internal-link"> with some link </span>
	<span class=" cm-formatting-link">]]</span>

if you notice above cm-header-1 is missing from the <span class=" cm-formatting-link">]]</span> the way its opening counter part has it.

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